Sunday, July 29, 2007

mascots are cool again

I was lucky that Steve was in a good mood when I insisted that our -- at this point yet to be created -- startup ought to have a mascot. I showed him the alien doodle I'd made (while bored in marketing class, of all things) and rendered with a cracked shareware copy of PSP 5.

Our mascot has come a long way, but even then it still wasn't a very popular thing to do on a website. Perhaps folks were still smarting from the sock puppet. I couldn't blame them, really.

But just today I learned of a new mascot and its startup, eSwarm.

I'd rather not waste your time explaining what the site does and instead point out its logo.

I suspect it's a locust. I hear they can be quite potent in swarms: +20 points.


Anonymous said...

So, I hear you created the logo for Justin.TV, as well.

Do you do mascot/logo freelance work?

I need a polar bear for my startup. I do have designers but what the heck thought Id ask a mascot expert!

ryanspahn at

alexis [kn0thing] said...

I do, but I'm hardly an expert.

I've got my hands pretty full with stuff at the moment tho -- I wouldn't want to do a job if I couldn't give it the proper attention.

I'll ping you if things clear up a bit and hopefully you'll still be interested (or have already had one of your designers create a sweet mascot. That'd be cool, too.)