Wednesday, August 13, 2008

two sxsw interactive panels that need your vote

I've been a proud ROFLCon cheerleader for a while now, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm endorsing Behind the ROFLs: Next-Gen Conference Organizing While Broke. But don't just vote on it, if you're in Austin next March, be sure to catch this panel. It'll be as insightful as it is ROFL-ful.

There's no way I'm missing that panel -- unless it's poorly timed to coincide with mine... (in which case I may still attempt some form of time travel)

You see, I'm moderating a panel called Inside Y Combinator - The YC Startups Speak. It doesn't have the same titular title as Behind the ROFLs, but it should be a good panel. If it's selected, I'll pull questions from InsideYC.reddit to ask the assortment of YC founders. This may appear to be an efficient way to solicit the questions the audience really wants answered, but it's really just so I have to do less preparation.

Along with your vote, I'd love some feedback either here or on Hacker News.