Tuesday, August 05, 2008

internet rallies behind reddit's wrecking bar for cern

Breaking! Fark joins reddit's world-saving mission.

Even the digg community is hopping on the bandwagon. John Kershaw of RipTen acknowledged just how important this gift to CERN will prove to be:

With just a few short weeks remaining until scientists cause the end of the universe turn on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva and kill us all begin answering some of the biggest physics questions around, it took the brains of social news site Reddit.com to realise that the LHC was lacking one vital piece of safety equipment; a crowbar.
David Utter at WebProNews marvels at the resourcefulness (and awesomeness) of the reddit community:
The time for all of this to come together took roughly a day. There are few forces stronger than an unleashing of geek creativity and humor. Except, of course, for the LHC. And mysterious briefcase-toting men.
Oh, we're going to include a photo of the G-Man just in case. You're welcome, world.

If you ever doubted reddit's ability to change the world, now's the time to repent and come into to the alien's open arms.