Wednesday, August 20, 2008

npr loves sean tevis, deftly avoids including the word 'reddit'

We've been impressed with Sean Tevis ever since his comic turned up on reddit. I reached out to let him know. Turns out he liked the logo tribute, too.

But we he really appreciated was the outpouring of support not only on reddit, but the Internet at large.

Sean gives a good interview (give it a listen) and patiently explains all those geeky phenomena he tapped into. Despite that, reddit ends up being called a "community publishing site." Where's the love, NPR? It's because I didn't make a contribution last month, isn't it?
The comic is drawn in a style similar to a popular Web-based cartoon called XKCD and uses terms like downmodding (which is when a user in a community publishing site votes to lower another post's popularity) and to the online phenomenon Rickrolling.
Nevertheless, it's great to see Sean continue to get nationwide exposure. I hope his campaign serves as motivation for other non-politicos to get involved in politics. We could use a few more geeks in office.