Monday, August 04, 2008

great idea, reddit -- the crowbar for cern/lhc has been ordered

This sounds random enough to be a breadpig project, but in fact, the reddit community has yet again inspired something marvelous. Upon learning that the Cern lab would be recreating the ill-fated Black Mesa project, Mad_Gouki thought it'd be prudent to send them a red crowbar for the pending alien invasion. Chris knows a few fellow physicists working at the lab, so we'll do our best to get this in the right hands. Let's hope they have someone there named Gordon Freeman who knows what to do with it...

Look, it's not even a "crow bar" -- it's a fucking wrecking bar. Check back here for updates as I get this bane of headcrabs painted and shipped out. In the meantime, leave some ideas for notes to include in the comments.