Tuesday, August 26, 2008

internet pundits approve of the recent reddit announcements -- bacon a deciding factor

You can read about it on the dev blog, but today's announcement went over pretty well.

Granted, my reddit submission didn't do nearly as well as yesterday's about qgyh2. But those 1200+ point story days don't come around too often. I just hope all the attention doesn't have a negative impact on BaconBuzz.com -- the online bacon community will never be the same.

If you're curious to know what the Internet seemed to think about the announcement, here's a quick 'n' dirty list of blog writeups. Thanks for all the linklove, folks:

CNET - Reddit now lets you create your own social news site
Mashable - Bookmarking Gets Distributed; Create Your Own Reddit on Your Own ...
Industry Standard - Custom Reddits get even more customizable
ReadWriteWeb - Reddit Now Fully Customizable: Bring Your Own Design and Domain
VentureBeat - Custom Reddits get even more customizable

-- Don't trust anything these next two say about us, heh (everything else is golden, though) we're owned by the same company --

Ars Technica
- Design customization lets you have a reddit of your very own
WebMonkey - Reddit Expands Personalized Features With Skinning, Custom URLs