Monday, March 12, 2007

whimsy fax cover sheet

Corporate taxes are due at the end of the week (this was definitely quite a surprise the first time around) but don't worry fellow startup founders, they don't take very long to do when you don't have any revenue.

But we've got professional help now, so all I had to was fax over some signatures. I figured it'd be polite to include a cover sheet, since our accountant is undoubtedly quite busy this time of year. Certainly my copy of Microsoft Word 2004 for the Mac would have a suitable coversheet...

That's when I found "Whimsy". Really, they were all pretty ugly, but this one was something special (they even remembered Comic Sans and Curlz!).

It's one thing to just use a fax cover sheet to tell the recipient "This fax is for you, from me, and about X" -- this one screams "HI!!!!11!! Fax here!!!! It's me, look at me! Weeeeeee!"

I'm an only child after all, so naturally I used it.

Our accountant is going to be so pleased.

*edit: had originally mistyped Word 2005 instead of 2004. Word 2005 is know for having a robust, yet stylish collection of fax cover sheet templates.