Friday, March 09, 2007

impeachment woes on reddit? xkcd to the rescue!

Some of you may have noticed a rather homogeneous reddit front page a couple days ago. Nearly all the top stories were for a good chunk of the day somehow related to the impeachment of the President and VP of the United States. Fortunately, thanks to the nifty "hotness" algorithm Chris and Steve developed, the links cooled and fell off the front page (they won't tell me how it works, partly because they know I'd quickly divulge it under torture [authorized here in the States] and partly because I just wouldn't understand).

What I do know is that over the course of the day, links actually rise and fall on the front page. So the older a story is, the more up votes it takes to keep it "hot". It just happened to take a little while for the front page to cool off.

Anyway, Randall over at xkcd had an idea (I don't even know why I bothered to hyperlink that, since it's on the reddit front page every MWF). He setup a wiki for folks to continue the reddit activism.

His comic also happens to be why in today's logo, our SuperSoaker™-wielding mascot is petting a velociraptor covered in grape juice while standing in a pile of pure Colombian blow.

Don't fret, mom, some things are best not understood.


Mike said...

You mean Colombia .. Columbia is the university. Though you can probably find blow there too.

Randall said...

Yeah -- I was just frustrated, and trying to think what would be a better format for the discussion. So davean and I threw up a wiki. We'll see how that works!

The MacFarland said...

Why duplicae the impeachment activism and wiki when both things already exist together?

Complete Information on the Movement to Impeach George W Bush

BTW this was story #74 on reddit at the time randal posted his wiki and I think it received about 480 life time net upvotes.

So why not use it?

kn0thing said...


Thanks. It was either a careless typo or a reference to my hometown of Columbia, MD.

But I'm thinking it was the former.

(I bet you're right about those Ivy leaguers, they don't mess around.)

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