Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i don't even have to doodle the logo anymore

The best feedback emails we get usually start with "I hate reddit..." (they also end with something along the lines of "...because now I can never get any work done.")

We take great pride in maintaining a site that makes a few folks just that little bit less productive. But alas, we can't take much more credit than that, since it's not like we're creating all that time-consuming content. Here is someone who did create something cool:

One redditor, Matthew Inman, wanted to procrastinate. In doing so, he created illustrations to represent the major social media websites. Steve IMed me the link and it got me giggling.

Impressed, I mailed Matt to ask if I could adapt his sketch for the logo doodle. He didn't mind, so here it is.

(Thanks again, Matt)

*Hmm, this has got me thinking... I wonder if the xkcd guy would do some doodles...


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