Tuesday, November 29, 2005

unstealth! redditWall!

This afternoon, word got out that reddit has a new wall (well, it’s the same old wall, but with a new design). redditWall is about to go live! Remember that name.


Let me first apologize for not mentioning this before. In fact, I wasn't going to blog about this, because I really believe that one shouldn't hype up something without having something to show. But you know what? Here it is.

So what is it, and why would a couple recent college graduates put off doing actual work on the site to paint it?

It's a wall, but with the reddit mascot crudely painted on it.

redditWall is like most other cinderblock, whitewashed walls, but with one major aesthetic difference: it has an alien from the future painted on it. At reddit, we strongly believe that a wall's life hasn't begun until it's been decorated with a mascot.

To be honest, this isn't actually what our wall looks like. In fact, we have no interest whatsoever in painting anything on our walls (we prefer the sterility of white walls — that, and we don’t know where to buy paint).


Hunter said...

Wow. You guys need to get some sleep.

Cut back on the WoW for a few days. ;)

- hunter

spez said...

i had no part in this. i just saw him taking pictures of the wall. i don't even really get it.

connor said...

alexis, stop being artistic. and you must never stop playing WoW

Newsvine said...

A little case of wall envy, eh? We're flattered.

Anonymous said...



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