Wednesday, November 16, 2005

a small epiphany with two eggs over medium

Recipe for egg sandwich:

2 eggs (preferably the brown ones, just because they seem healthier, see bread)
2 slices of bread (whole wheat, because you're trying to be healthy)
1 slice of cheese (the type doesn't matter)
a dab of butter (for the frying pan)

I'd go into further detail about how to actually prepare this egg sandwich, but if you can't figure out how to fry an egg, you're probably Steve.

As I sat down to eat this fantastic breakfast (ideal for a startup budget because they are not only cheap to make and tasty, but also remotely healthy), I realized something quite comforting.

Keep in mind that every now and then you wake up with this unshakable worry that while you were sleeping, someone has not only replicated everything you've been working on, but also everything you've been planning, and done it ten times better.

But back to the comforting thing: all of the other websites that have or will have mascots will eventually be defeated, because ours is the only one who comes back from the future.

//thanks to chris, zak, and steve