Thursday, November 24, 2005


With a belly full of turkey, I’m writing to give some thanks – albeit some unconventional thanks. (If you want the traditional thank you list, it's here)

And now for something completely different:

I'd like to use this post to thank all the people who have ever discouraged, criticized, and doubted -- for you may very well be the best motivation there is.

Positive reinforcement always gets the praise (fitting, I suppose) for being a driving force in most people's lives. Not surprising, given how much people enjoy receiving it.

But what about the chip-on-the-shoulder-forming folks whose faces you envision on the dartboard? Personally, the people who motivate (intentionally or not) through negative reinforcement have always been an incredible impetus in my life.

A football coach I had (yes, I played football -- albeit for only a year) specialized in this type of motivation. Nowadays, there's no one in sweats blaring a whistle at me in between gruff curses and putdowns (despite my requests, Steve won't comply), but there's still plenty of motivation out there to prove all the believers right and all the naysayers wrong.

Thanks, coach.

//thanks for the title suggestion Connor, even though by "title suggestion" I mean "the text that I blatantly stole from your away message and used as my title."


connor said...

you bastard

Hunter said...

yikes, the CEO of Blogniscient responded (a little rudely, I think) to David Newberker's little interview / write-up with you and Steve.

Hunter said...

here's the link.

kn0thing said...

Thanks for the link Hunter,
(we actually had no idea he was interviewing us, but it's great to see someone blogging about reddit)
Steve and I had the pleasure of meeting Ben at a recent Boston Web Innovators gathering; he started off the night with a great demo of Blognisicent. Our aim wasn't to single out anyone in particular (we've got too many mistakes of our own to focus on anyone else’s), but I think he did a great job defending their rationale.

connor said...

Wow. I loved reading that entry and the Blogniscient response. I've never given much credit to blogs as news sources since 90% just issue forth mountains of biased material with no journalistic background, but I see how attractive they are for interviews and giving other people the ability to respond... allowing the conversation to keep going.