Monday, February 04, 2008

super bowl, super raspberry-turtle

Granted, plenty of redditors were obviously not watching it, but we actually did see a dip in traffic thanks to this U.S. holy day. All of team reddit was watching, half of us with laptops, but watching nonetheless. What was predicted to be a landslide turned out to be a fantastic upset and four quarters of great football.

I've had a tradition of making the following Monday's logo celebrate the victorious team (and every year I keep getting told the Vince Lombardi Trophy looks too phallic) but this year I found my inbox full of requests for a raspberry turtle logo (you have to see the photo). I think I'm going to cave and do that one tomorrow. The tiny turtle/raspberry combination is too cute to pass up -- it combines two of my favorite foods.

Just kidding!

(Well, not entirely, I do like raspberries. And there's usually more turtle to eat when they're a bit older.)

Oh, and did anyone else notice the number of dot-com ads? Jeremy pointed this out right around the second SalesGenie ad. This bodes very well for 2008...