Tuesday, February 12, 2008

happy darwin day

There's a certain evolutionary biologist (and avid redditor) in my life who always reminds me about Darwin Day and I always forget to do a logo for it. Not today.

Apparently this gentleman (who looks a lot like the bearded-dude on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel) is like her boss, or something?

Chuck Darwin seems like a cool guy, although I don't know how he'd feel about the Darwin Claus cards I made. Or what about the infamous "awards" named in his honor? He'd probably have a good chuckle and say something like "Oh, those Internets..." and then get back on the HMS Beagle to play with some finches or something.

Anyway, happy birthday, your bicentennial is next year -- I have 365 days to come up with a more clever logo. I tried to draw a party hat on his head, but it kept making him look like a wizard.

Update: Spore's launch date (Sept 7th) was announced today (coincidence?). We'll see if it holds -- or evolves -- in the coming months...