Tuesday, February 12, 2008

attn eff donors: autographed comics and signed postcards are on their way!

Due to a wide variety of circumstances, I only just this week got all the supplies together to do the mass mailing of all the prizes from this December's reddit & xkcd fundraiser. Sorry it took so long, but at last they've all been mailed out.

Look how happy I was after returning to Somerville to pickup the XKCD comics.Then behold at the glee that came with getting team reddit's signatures on the postcards in San Francisco.

(I used these images taken with Photo Booth to prove that I hadn't forgotten about the redditors who emailed asking about their prizes.)

Thanks again to everyone who participated, especially our friends Randy and Derek over @ xkcd -- I hear that webcomic of theirs is really taking off.


Fact: Jeremy even signed his while wearing an EFF shirt (+10 bonus points!)