Sunday, June 10, 2007

conversation with a spammer

Yeah, it's the weekend.

4:01:03 PM spammer: hi
4:01:09 PM me: hello
4:01:18 PM me: i'm sorry, i'm not sure i know who this is
4:01:19 PM spammer: nice to meet you!
4:01:34 PM spammer: I am Harry from China
4:01:38 PM spammer: you ?
4:01:52 PM me: George from China
4:02:07 PM me: fancy that!
4:02:41 PM spammer: You are chinese ?
4:02:52 PM spammer: good
4:02:58 PM me: Oddly enough, no, but I live in China. I'm Armenian.
4:03:09 PM spammer: which city are you in ?
4:03:19 PM me: So my Chinese isn't very good yet ^^
4:03:24 PM me: Shanghai
4:03:27 PM spammer: ok
4:03:37 PM me: It's nice to meet friends online.
4:03:47 PM spammer: Do you like Shanghai?
4:04:45 PM me: Yes, it's very nice. People have been very friendly to me.
4:04:53 PM me: I'm trying to make it to the USA.
4:05:01 PM me: But I only made it half way
4:05:22 PM spammer: hope you can success in future
4:05:51 PM me: Many thanks! keke
4:06:09 PM spammer: you are welcome
4:06:31 PM spammer: you work in shanghai or do business ?
4:07:04 PM me: I don't work much right now. I need a job
4:07:18 PM spammer: oh
4:07:28 PM me: *_*
4:07:48 PM spammer: You can find good job in shanghai
4:08:15 PM me: I have lots of skillz.
4:08:24 PM me: My friends all say that I am much l33t
4:08:35 PM me: And I totally pwn at Starcraft - LOL!
4:08:43 PM spammer: haha
4:09:02 PM spammer: good
4:09:31 PM spammer: so it's just a piece of cake for you to fine a job
4:10:20 PM me: I wish. I can't eat cake. Allergic
4:10:37 PM spammer: ;)
4:10:37 PM me: My skin gets massive bumps and I die if eat too much cake
4:10:54 PM spammer: ok
4:10:54 PM me: I do have a kitten. I like cats. I take pictures of mine.
4:11:13 PM spammer: very good
4:11:23 PM spammer: i like cats too, they are very cute
4:11:54 PM me: much cuteness
4:12:10 PM me: i have a friend in USA who collects cat photos
4:12:23 PM me: he has told me he also has a fortune of his grandfather
4:12:30 PM me: but he needs help getting it to Mexico
4:12:42 PM me: i want to help, but what can i do from China?
4:12:56 PM spammer: yes i understand
4:13:11 PM spammer: Do you have plan back USA?
4:13:12 PM me: He needs $10,000 USD
4:13:22 PM me: but I only have 5,000
4:13:30 PM me: And that's if I sell my cats
4:13:46 PM me: (I'd rather just eat them myself)
4:14:09 PM spammer: hehe
4:14:24 PM spammer: yes
4:14:36 PM me: You seem like a honest person , yes?
4:14:51 PM spammer: i am
4:15:15 PM me: i thought so
4:15:27 PM spammer: :D
4:15:35 PM me: we can get this fortune
4:15:43 PM spammer: ok
4:15:59 PM spammer: You seem like a honest person too
4:16:43 PM me: ! i have much luck today
4:16:55 PM spammer: wow
4:17:03 PM spammer: what luck
4:17:25 PM me: yes!!
4:17:48 PM spammer: mind tell me ?
4:17:50 PM me: how can we do this? can you wire me the 5,000? we split the fortune in half
4:18:08 PM spammer: ok
4:18:30 PM spammer: :P
4:18:49 PM spammer: when i have 5000, i give you
4:19:29 PM me: there is no time
4:19:35 PM me: this is a serious matter my friend
4:20:02 PM spammer: yes i know
4:20:25 PM spammer: but i only have RMB200 now
4:20:40 PM me: i don't think you understand.
4:20:43 PM me: this man will die.
4:20:52 PM me: now is not the time to be concerned with petty things like money.
4:21:02 PM spammer: how?
4:22:30 PM me: he has a greedy uncle who wants to take it.
4:22:41 PM me: the uncle has already killed his father -- he's sure of it
4:22:44 PM me: and married his mother
4:22:49 PM me: much is bad.
4:23:13 PM spammer: yes
4:23:18 PM spammer: very bad
4:24:26 PM me: there must be a way to help
4:34:11 PM me: hello?


Khooee said...

4:02:41 PM spammer: You are chinese ?
4:02:52 PM spammer: good

haha, that is such a Chinese thing to say... hehe.. freakin' Chinese...

aww that's right.. I'm Chinese too eh :)


alexis [kn0thing] said...

Haha. To his credit, the dude was quite a friendly spammer. Frankly, I'm surprised he kept chatting with me for as long as he did.

anonymous said...

There's a "spammer" who's been talking to me from China on Google Talk for several months now. Apparently people just like to practice their English.

alexis [kn0thing] said...

Hmmm, quite the moral dilemma here. Do I keep up chatting with him so he can improve his Engish enough to move on to a better job? Or will he just use his refined tongue to dupe more foreigners?

Decisions, decisions...

anonymous said...

I think you should assume the best of people. Especially people who aren't from Nigeria and telling you about their vast fortune. :)