Wednesday, October 15, 2008

photography reddit gets a shout-out

Here's a community I could learn quite a bit from. I wish I could be an active participant in the photography reddit community, but I'm a total camera n00b. That said, one active redditor took the time to write up the site on the GiiNii blog.

If you have never visited Reddit, you don’t know what you’re missing. Reddit is a great (the best, in my opinion) social media site. Users from all over the world go to Reddit to submit links to interesting Web sites they find. And now, Reddit has a photography page.

Called a subreddit, the Photography page allows users to post interesting pictures, tricks and tutorials. It’s a great community with lots of discussion about cameras and photography in general.
Want an easy way to get quoted on my blog? Say incredibly flattering things about reddit. It's easy!

That said, I actually just found a slick (free!) auto image stitcher thanks to this reddit. Huzzah!