Monday, October 20, 2008

mike alstott gets punked on sunday night football - tampa bay maintains its legacy of fail

I don't think I've got a lot of NFL fans reading this blog, but I couldn't help but post this snapshot from this past Sunday Night Football game.

One of the best Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Mike Alstott was being honored at half time with a pair of framed jerseys (both the original, heinous orange Buccaneers jersey, and the less appalling one they were now).

It must have been a special night for Alstott and his family. So why did they have a typo on his jersey? (Oddly enough, the modern jersey had it spelled correctly.)

Yep, Als[t]ott. Unless he happened to change his surname after his first few years in the season, someone in Tampa got fired today.

Update: Ah, this is what I get for being sleep-deprived. Not a typo, just a memento.