Sunday, October 19, 2008

aliens invading ars technica

While I was in Hungary, Steve got his drink on with the Ars Technica crowd, who celebrated their 10 year anniversary in New York last week. Ten Years. Damn. I didn't think decades existed in the dot-com world.

MediaPost's Kelly Samardak was charmed by my blue-eyed co-founder and the PR-force-of-nature, Jenna Landry (with pic!)

So I'm standing at the bar talking to Reddit founder, Steve Huffman, who by the way reminds me of this kid who I used to club over the head in 4th grade with my broken wrist cast. I can say that because Steve and I might both look like 4th graders today [...] I left Jenna and Steve to ponder Steve's fame and yukked it up with Gary and Bernie Davis.
Coincidentally, this was the week a reddit alien landed at the Ars offices in Chicago. According to the flickr pic, it's found a good home. Congratulations, Ars, and if you need any more bobbleheads, email me. I'm counting on a box of Ars bobbleheads (any guesses as to what in the hell those would look like?) to show up in the reddit office one of these days...