Wednesday, May 21, 2008

yourweek ftw: the internet apparently likes pbs-produced, reddit-powered TV news

We announced something very cool today on the reddit blog. We're producing a television news show with PBS that is powered by reddit -- it's called YourWeek. All the content for the show will come from the reddit front page and from the YourWeek reddit (for meta discussions about the show).

We're finishing filming for the pilot this weekend, but wanted to get the word out in order to pull together some choice comments and even get some help remixing the theme song.

The pilot should go online June 6th; I can assure you that a D-Day anniversary deployment was totally coincidental.

Seems we're not the only ones excited about this, here's the latest tally of press hits from Erik (a fellow redditor and the guy running web production on their end). To quote Borat: "very nice."

And yes, we even made digg -- though I really don't see the comparison: