Monday, May 26, 2008

after almost 3 years, reddit gets a redesign

And Mashable was there on the scene just before we pushed it live.

Adam Ostrow writes:
While I’ve long thought Reddit often offers a more appealing story selection than Digg, its interface has long been so Spartan that it hurts (my eyes!). The new look definitely makes the site easier to navigate, read, and customize, without losing the simplicity that Reddit old-timers appreciate.
Steve wrote a blog entry outlining the new features and thanking our homeboy (and CSS-fiend) Rich White for his invaluable help getting this redesign together.

Of the 5 of us who work on reddit, I'm the only one who has a copy of Photoshop, so I end up being "designer." That said, I'm well aware that I'm not a proper web designer (and can't call myself one without laughing a little). But Rich is. You should see what he can do with some CSS, an HTML file, and a couple hours. It's like he's a web-McGuyver.

Thanks, Rich -- you complete me.