Saturday, May 31, 2008

michael ian black gets on reddit, has his best week ever, then blogs about it, and reddit becomes significantly more relevant

And that, ladies in gentlemen, is how reddit became famous -- Hollywood famous.

Michael, I'm glad you handled those surly commenters with such aplomb. You're a man to be respected, no, honored -- with a statue.

I'm not going to help build that statue, but I would like to mail you a reddit alien bobblehead. It works just like any other bobblehead (read: it bobbles) except it's special because it looks like our mascot. I suspect few people in L.A. have ever seen such a thing. Your celebrity friends will be in awe of this modern marvel.

You can host dinner parties around it. Or whatever it is celebrities do (cocaine & hooker parties?)

All I ask is that you get a photo of Major Quimby holding the bobblehead. He must also be standing in the express line of a supermarket carrying a basket of more than 15 items -- all turnips or turnip-based products.