Monday, September 25, 2006

pirates vs. ninjas

"Arrr. Where be the logo cartoons?"

I dunno. Been busy with other stuff. Guess I haven't been "inspired", maybe I need a muse or something.

"Yarr! But today be a special day. It shouldn't be harrrrrrrrd."

Stop talking like that, Steve... Wait a tick... What's this on the reddit front page? "No Pirate-themed Reddit Alien? ARRRRRGH!"

Curses! I forgot!

(Yes, some of you longtime redditors probably noticed that I reused last year's halloween logo, I was in a bit of a hurry, but I did add a hook, which should count for something.)
After it was online, Steve reminded me that we had to appease the ninja-supporters, so as to not appear to be pirate-biased. A lot of consideration goes into these special logos.

Once a ninja got into the act, though, it was going to be difficult explaining how a pirate could conceivably emerge victorious. After all, the purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.

I imagine Thursday was a day of great mourning within the pirate community.

However, as any devoted Pastafarian knows, pirates are favored by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and we cannot begin to comprehend the effect of being touched by His noodly appendage.


Thebodytalk said...

Very creative! At the same time, cute and charming.

BTW, Congratulations for blog of notes. You guys deserve it. Keep it up!

The BodyTalk

emerald said...

Hello Knotting. It is a pretty interesting blog you have here. Congrats on getting selected as a 'Blog of Note'. Keep up the good work.

Krysta Chelle said...

ok just so you know the pirates rule the earth! everyone knows it.dont worry about the other guys

cheriblossom551 said...

nooway! u was right! ninjas rooole!!

Forty_Two said...

I'm sure glad andra told me about penis enlargement.


Time for a spam filter.

BEAST said...

I say
Noodley appendages
I may need to go and lie down for a while

NexTiger said...

Great little drawings! What program do you use to make them? Anything that I attempt to draw on the computer ends up looking for the words...oh well, poop will do.

kn0thing said...

Woah! Thanks, BloggerTeam!

And a big thanks to all of you who left messages (even Andra). If you're interested in seeing the archive of all the logos, head over to spreddit to see where it all began...

I use Illustrator CS2 for the aliens, but you should see me try and draw one freehand -- it's pretty sad. The secret is to make your drawing consist of nothing but a few ellipses ;-)

Merima said...

Believe, I say, believe in His noodly appandages and be a heathen no more. Argh.

Oh, and nice blog.

Ben Myers said...

This foul frizzled treatise, more foul and rank than the ones before, appease only the appetite for words for an instant. Insurmountable a task as writing a book may be, “a book being a man, but takes more than passion to write a book,” and so deftly drifting from plotlines, transgressing to modern satire, sarcastic summaries of shared thoughts, quaffed by readers like streaming video, these liquefied banquets pleasing to the pallet, sweet ambrosia smeared in piquant sauce, but transient and fleeting are their meaning. I aspire to appease the appetite for an instant, and stick to the ribs: fasten a synaptic connection, and remain forever fixed within the intricate structure of a stranger’s subconscious.

WTF? Noodly appendages? I once had a noodle, now it's vestigious remainder is why I'm dumbfounded by the tomfoolery at P Vs. N. The world must know!


Sara said...

I'm both a pirate and a ninja :)

Nice blog.

boo said...

congratulations on making {blog of note}

The Bizarre Jokester said...

congrats on getting inducted into the Blogs of Note! Keep up the good work!

The JOKES Blog

Kay said...

There is a pirate CD available put together by none other than johnny depp himself... and someother dude. BUTTTTTT, it has some rather good artists on it. Perhaps you should take a look into it if you haven't already stumbled upon it already.

BionicBuddha said...

Pirates will always rule the sea!

SOL's view said...

That was soooo random! Now it's on blogs of note, it's the first time I have found it. Entertaining (nods)

Wanda said...

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anonymous jones said...


Peter Matthes said...

Is noodly a word?

eveninmadness said...

just the title caught my eye.

pirates vs ninjas?

pirates for sure.
ninjas are hookers.

down with hookers.
down with ninjas.

Cute Indian Girl said...

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Your Blog Deserve it. Keep up the Good Work

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Peter Matthes said...

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Erika said...

You're quite talented! Congrats on the "Blog of Note" title and deserved fanfare :)

PS-Not only do pirates win every time, they also have that "Je ne que sais pas" quality. Could be the sexy-as-hell eye patch.

R2K said...

: ) Great page, and Pirates are better. But only slightly.

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Fashionista said...

Hiya guys!

Love the cartoon logo!

Was wondering what program you use to create them?


A.R. Linder said...

Every single day, I diligently try to find a website of wonder--a website that will challenge the minds of young people and the adults that influence their lives. And then I stumble across this website, and realize it is listed as a "Blog of Note." I read it and am no more enriched than had I read the life story of Deputy Dawg. It just makes one wonder.

chumly said...

Arrgh tis a good thing ye wrote.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out all the old logos. Great fun! Very creative. Two thumbs way up!

Da Katz & Reni said...

ha ha dat funni.... me waf at you.

Katie Kitty II.

GeekFX said...

Cute stuff - love the Flying Spaghetti Monsterdude! ;)

darkman said...

Youve not reddit all till youve read about Ozlaid house.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the ninja busted a cap in the pirates ass- long live ninjas!!

joxtrewinha* said...


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You have lots of imagination and also very criative.
Nice job.
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Daniel said...

hoho, wow, your animations are cute and creative! I am certain you've pushed mi creativity button =D I think I'll start playing around with paint =D keep up the good work!

Littleshambles said...

Pirates, I fear pirates. I fear their fake legs and their eyepatches and their seeming inability to use razors. I fear their scurvy.

I am a fearful person.

Don't blame me, blame the war on terror.

dendi said...

very nice blog!

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Oberon said...

.......the art of peace is medicine for a sick world......morihei ueshiba.

Disfordarling said...

i have no idea what your talking about.
but at the same time, i can't look away.

Anonymous said...

Very clever - I'll be back.

[I swear I didn't mean to sound like the Terminator just then.]

bluejay80 said...

Happen to stop at your blog. I've never seen such amazing graphics. I can't help but love the amazing creations that are in this site. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. You guys rock. Oh and by the way, ninjas rule.

Jessica said...

Very nice. Funny, charming all in one. Also very creative.

Hypnonik said...

I too thought Pirates ruled the world... until descovered the wonderful world of Pastafarins - they ROCK!!!!

Keep up the deliciously delectable debate (whispers) and don't let anyone tell you you're nooodles ;-)

Hee Hee Heexxx

amada said...

I like your comments as much as your blog oh well they both rock PIRATES ALL THE WAY!!!

Ian W. said...

Well, now I know where a friend of mine got his religion...


Congrats on the note, by the way.

Elizabeth:) said...

Interesting blog..I really like it for some funny reason.

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