Tuesday, September 19, 2006

redditors in bangkok, reporting live on military coup

Sure, today is talk like a pirate day, but this really deserves precedence. Yarrrrrr.

A few of our users happen to be in Bangkok at the moment and one of them, Alpha_Binary, has been giving the reddit community live updates regarding the situation as it's unfolded. Watching this thread grow throughout the day has really been remarkable.

Never thought I'd be reading such an account on a reddit comment page...

Sure enough, there's a whole slew of flickr photos to complement his reporting. Hopefully this coup will remain bloodless (at the time of this writing, as far as I know, it still is).

Despite everything, he's even managed to find some good in all this:

On an unrelated note, looks like my chemistry exam tomorrow is going to be canceled; making the first good news in several hours.


Ben Myers said...

This foul frizzled treatise, part 2 of my attack on the pirates, more foul and rank than the ones before, appease only the appetite for words for an instant. Insurmountable a task as writing a book may be, “a book being a man, but takes more than passion to write a book,” and so deftly drifting from plotlines, transgressing to modern satire, sarcastic summaries of shared thoughts, quaffed by readers like streaming video, these liquefied banquets pleasing to the pallet, sweet ambrosia smeared in piquant sauce, but transient and fleeting are their meaning. I aspire to appease the appetite for an instant, and stick to the ribs: fasten a synaptic connection, and remain forever fixed within the intricate structure of a stranger’s subconscious.

WTF? Noodly appendages? I once had a noodle, now it's vestigious remainder is why I'm dumbfounded by the tomfoolery at P Vs. N. The world must know!


R2K said...

ARg what a mess.

random thoughts said...

I just got back from bangkok this wednesday. Things look pretty peaceful on the streets, sure there were soldiers on some street corners but other than that everything seems to be normal.

Anonymous said...

awww! you've got a great blog here...reddit sounds awesome!!!

Anonymous said...



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