Saturday, October 29, 2005

red eyes, white flakes

The Mustang made it back in one piece, despite the epic chase sequence that occurred somewhere in the hills of San Francisco [reenactment footage not necessarily accurate].

After a few days loaded with meetings, you begin to get tired of hearing the sound of your own voice, but the answers to familiar questions come even faster as you’ve honed your delivery. By the time we found our gate at SFO, those cramped airline seats were starting to look very comfortable.

Our red-eye flight got into Logan in the early morning and we were bombarded with massive, fluffy snowflakes. Only a day earlier we had been enjoying the mild climate of Palo Alto, now we saw the first ominous signs of the winter ahead of us. We’re bound to be productive – considering how infrequently we leave the apartment already – as long as we have enough canned goods to sustain us.

There’s going to be a busy week ahead of us, but we’re enjoying a day off today. This day off could be attributed to jetlag, but we’re in fact hosting a Halloween party tonight. All work and no play…

//thanks to for the footage from Bullitt. Despite what Steve may say, he looks nothing like Steve McQueen