Thursday, October 20, 2005

how we got here, where we're going

It all started this past March with a talk aptly entitled "How to Start a Startup" being given at Harvard by Paul Graham. An application and a series of interviews later, we were fortunate enough to be admitted to Y Combinator's Summer Founders Program. A few months have passed and it looks like Steve (spez) and I (kn0thing) can keep living this dream for about another year (notwithstanding a sudden increase in the cost of frozen pizzas). If you're interested in the inner workings of startup life -- or you're my mom, and are wondering what your son is doing with his life -- hopefully we can provide you with some insight, or at the very least, entertainment.


anonymous said...

Is this when Reddit started?

kn0thing said...

We started in June 05, but didn't start this blog until October.

Alessio B. said...

I'm going to give a ~15min talk about reddit, so I'm doing more research on its early life.
Damn, I just browsed all reddit-all archive; I have filtered 32 posts to read more carefully and I already listened to a (very interesting!) +1h interview of Alexis on mixergy... I feel like I know a bit too much about reddit now.