Saturday, September 06, 2008

more great reviews of lolmagnetz, one even confirming the death of english

The Modern Materialist has the best LOLmagnetz review I've read yet:

What ever happened to the ambitious Emily Dickinsons of our generation? The Bukowskis, Plaths, Whitmans, and Miltons? When did the English language itself devolve into missplaced [sic] consonants and smiley faces?

Perhaps the English language officially died at the time when LOLMagnetz became available.
Indeed, we've won a great victory against the English language.

The forum readers of Badger and Blade approve, after rabidpotatochip posted a link and great little review. I kid you not, the first response was simple and emphatic:
full of win!
If that (and the downafll of the English language) wasn't enough to convince you, the profits from LOLmagnetz are donated to the SF SPCA to ensure there will be future generations of pets to be LOLified.

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