Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i love the smell of madelines in the morning - smells like, a proust questionnaire

Dharmesh Shah (of OnStartups fame) just posted a Proust Questionnaire he asked me to fill out. I completed the quiz in the allotted time and got a "B+".

He also confessed something that I plan to remind him of for the rest of his life:

alexis and Steve Huffman begat reddit (this is the first time I've used the word begat in a sentence -- it feels good). reddit sort of begat (my startup blog) by driving a bunch of traffic in the early days and helping build that crucial initial readership. sort of begat HubSpot (my current marketing software startup). So there you have it. alexis begat reddit begat begat HubSpot begat my plan for global domination.
Read it here if you're curious about my first real job, favorite manager, or just want to know what a Proust Questionnaire is. It's also proof that well-placed bribes really do pay off.

Bonus! The biggest reason why I prefer using a lowercase "a" is that I find it aesthetically superior to the uppercase. I just wish I could make that shape with a pen.