Wednesday, July 23, 2008

all the way from Singapore, iLead coming to the reddit hq tomorrow

iLead, a group from the University of Singapore, is touring Silicon Valley on a study mission and they'll be visiting us tomorrow.

In a blog entry that called us "the company with one of the cutest icons" (well played), the iLead team announced their upcoming visit to our Soma offices.

To me, Reddit is a cool site to obtain the latest news items from all over the globe. My personal favourite? The ‘controversial’ tab that provides links to the most controversial news items.
I knew I wasn't the only one who liked that controversial tab...

Anyway, I'd developed a relationship with some students there after attending a conference at NUS during the summer of my junior year at UVA.

This turned out to be quite a fateful trip, as it's where I decided I was going to start a startup after graduating. It was on that trip that I emailed Steve and told him my plan and that I was going to need him in order to pull it off.

I dug up the old email a little while back. I swear I don't normally use that many ellipses in my emails -- I think I was just a little too excited.

Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow. Bobbleheads shall be distributed.