Thursday, June 05, 2008

yourweek.reddit got a new look and is fielding questions, it is -your week- after all

Erik [hueypriest] is fielding questions about YourWeek on the newly redesigned YourWeek.reddit. With the pilot hitting the Internet tomorrow, it seemed like a good time to assemble an FAQ and explain the show we hope will get picked up and become a part of your weekly viewing routine.

Here's a sample, but read the rest and submit your own:
toxicvarn90 asks:
How do you balance the type of submissions posted each weak?

Will you use stuff from the main front page?

Oh and what software will you guys use to edit?
hueypriest responds:
For the pilot we achieved a perfect balance of stories using a proprietary mix of Ant Colony Optimization and Josephson's voltage gauge modeling. It might be a bit different if we were doing a show every week.

On any given week, we might have stuff from the front page, some deep cuts, and even some stuff that may not have directly been submitted to reddit (if such things exist). No hard rules, except that we want to do smart stories that haven't been done elsewhere and redditors make that possible.

I believe the editors at WETA are using both Avid Xpress and Final Cut Pro.