Friday, June 13, 2008

flashback to a startup school presentation i gave back in 07

Kevin Hale of Wufoo (the form of choice for FeedbackFail) just published a slightly belated write-up of a presentation I gave back at Startup School 07. OK, so it's more than slightly belated, but I'll take it!

Read the article, check out the slides, or listen to the audio -- or do all three at the same time.

Thanks for the great review, Kevin. I must admit that I've been asked more than a few times since to give that presentation: The [Abridged] Story of (Or, how to build a popular website without ever being on TechCrunch.) But I think you've nailed the crux of it:
I think that if you’re not careful and that if you’re doing this solely for the money, that you’ll easily lose one of the few motivations that sustains anyone through anything difficult : love. [...] Don’t take yourself so seriously. A startup can and should be fun. It doesn’t have to be a 24/7 party in your pants fun, but you should at least be smiling a lot.
Great. Now no one is going to want to hear my presentation anymore ;)