Sunday, March 30, 2008

chirag mehta: reddit alien for a day

One blogger called it a "bootleg face". One redditor even thought it was Steve Huffman. Understandably, quite a few redditors were curious about the sloppy photoshopping of someone's head on the reddit alien.

It's actually the head of super reddit fan, Chirag Mehta (half of the duo responsible for and Chime.TV). I was at CommunityNext with some of our mutual friends and we decided to make his day and immortalize him in the logo for no good reason other than to make his day.

this was the most awkward photo we could find

It didn't scale down too well, as he didn't even recognize his own face until one of us told him. But he was fairly pleased once he understood.

I should also mention that he's going to be helping me with a neat side project and I needed to butter him up. Stay tuned, this is not the last you'll hear of Chirag -- although it's probably the last time you'll see his face on the logo.