Thursday, March 06, 2008

the breadpig soars, rocks

I started a company called Breadpig, Inc. last October to pursue some of my geeky design ambitions. I've been quite fortunate with the sale of reddit, so I'm not terribly interested personal gains from it; I'd rather donate the profits from the things I design. But I wanted to run breadpig like a business and create stuff that fellow geeks wanted to buy -- regardless of where the money was going.

My first project was aimed at the homogeneous greeting card industry. unHolidayCards raised quite a bit of money for Solving Kids' Cancer, a fantastic non-profit I've worked with in New York. The rest of the profits will fund breadpig prizes, the first of which will be announced March 14.

But the breadpig brand is a versatile one, so when I started a band last month with some childhood friends, there was no question as to what we'd name it. We've been practicing and jamming together for a long time now. Creating a band just seemed like the logical next step. Need proof?

Here's a video from our first live show in D.C. last week:

A big thanks to the breadpig band for all the help in putting this together: Brian Femiano, Mike Scrivener, Adam Solomon, Jon Swyers, and Jacob Winthrop.