Monday, August 07, 2006

negativitynuke 2.0.3

Every now and then, we get reddit feedback emails from friends of ours. These are often informal exchanges, which we normally treat in the same manner as any other feedback email. This one happened to be from Zak Stone.

But this time, just for fun, I decided to reply with not only the callousness of a gigantic megacorp's customer service department, but also with an oversized attachment of aggression (in .doc format, just to vex him).

Here's what I got in response:


We're sorry to inform you that NegativityNuke 2.0.3 has flagged your message as overwhelmingly negative, so it has been summarily expunged from the intended recipient's inbox.

If you believe your message was obliterated in error, please try again, but don't be such a jackass this time.

Processed 8.6.06 18:44:09

NegativityNuke is a registered trademark of ThinkPositive Inc. If other people's small-minded invective is bringing you down, inquire about our automated solutions. We have helped thousands of individuals, corporations, and government agencies "See No Evil".


shoa said...

Hi Alexis,

I really enjoyed this post and then took it upon myself to find out if this was a real program. So I googled NegativityNuke and ThinkPositive. My google search for Think Positive landed me on one particular webpage with the following quote written in huge blue letters, among other inspiring messages about loving life:

"I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing." ~Agatha Christie~

My cubemate happened to see me reading this, and now, I suspect she thinks I'm depressed and seek solace in inspirational quotes. Thanks a lot.

kn0thing said...


What else can I say?


Wait, there is something else.

That wasn't a real program.


You might need to find some more inspirational quotes.


NexTiger said...

That is hilarious! Both the post, and that Shoa looked for a real program. I'll have to see if my developers can make a real program, because it would get rid of lots of those nasty e-mails.

Jerome said...

Hello. Ive attempted to set up a utopian forum discussion for the intelligentsia of society. A kind of Mensa. if you wish to join please email me at or post any comments on

Anonymous said...



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