Friday, May 04, 2007

mindjob and corn flakes

While eating my cereal this morning, something dawned on me:

If I have zero tolerance for intolerance, what does that make me?

It's questions like these that philosophers like Socrates undoubtedly also pondered over Special K® Red Berries. Any philsophy majors wanna rationalize this one for me?

You're all probably too stoned to bother anyway...


Monkey and banana said...

that makes you one sugar-high sleepy dreamer.

themaroon said...

Are you intolerant of other people who are intolerant of intolerance? And are you tolerant of people who are tolerant of intolerance, but aren't intolerant of intolerance themselves?

Intolerance is neutral until applied to something specific. Sometimes it's good. The word has been misappropriated to mean something far more specific than it really should in recent years.

vectr said...

inter-tolerance is a diss-u-topian ideal.

(don't ask me what I mean, I only typed it!)