Tuesday, January 16, 2007

some links of note (that you wouldn't find on the reddit front page)

If you're not living in NYC, Boston, Chicago, SF, or DC (or planning a trip to any of them) you may want to skip this. However, if you're looking for the optimal route from your office to nearest Dunkin Donuts, look no further than Hopstop. Get directions just like you would on GoogleMaps, but since most urbanites prefer public transportation, the driving directions don't do you much good. Especially when you're trying to get to a meeting in Boston when you've never left the strip of the red line between Davis and Harvard -- hypothetically speaking.

Instead, you'll get directions for the optimal route on foot and via PT (that's what kids today are calling public transportation). Try it out, you can spend less time worry about what stop to get off at and instead spend more time overhearing conversations*.

On another note, if you've been looking for an easy-to-remember domain for all the reddit logos, checkout redditalien.com and redditmascot.com (they both go to the same logo archive).

*That link was originally submitted to reddit and yes, those quotes are very often embellished or entirely made up, but let the suburbanites** have their fun.

**OK, I'll admit it, but only down here in this footnote of a footnote: I am one of those suburbanites, I just happen to have been living in a city for the last couple years.


Andrew said...

As a NYC noob, hopstop has quickly become my best friend...

kn0thing said...

Welcome to NYC. I hope I'm still invited to that housewarming party :-)