Wednesday, December 20, 2006

inbox backwards

OK, so I haven't actually used Xobni -- despite how much time I spend in email -- since I'm both allergic to Outlook and very addicted to my web-based Gmail. But I have seen enough demonstrations to know that Xobni can show you some things about your emailing habits (and the habits of those you email) that are sure to make you stroke your chin. Learn the optimal time to email that special someone, measure your own laziness with email replies, or even realize you're not spending enough time reading those emails from mom -- all with pretty graphs. Efficiency really is a beautiful thing.

They've also got a visibly excited mascot: +2 points.

If The Man has you running Outlook and you'd like to be spending less time in the office, it might be worth sending these fellas an email.

Alternatively, if you are The Man, and would like to hit those performance goals and nab that bonus, it might be worth sending these fellas an email.


Anne said...

There are several excellent "self-monitoring" tools around at the moment.

Xobni is very interesting, as is TimeSnapper, which gives you a video of your PC day and Qlockwork, which gives you an activity calendar of your day (full disclosure, I'm a developer on Qlockwork).

I think it is a great idea. After all, large companies are desperate to monitor our browsing habits and survey us in order to improve their marketing and ad campaigns. I think it is about time we got in on the act and started self-monitoring for our own benefit (to make it easier to fill out timesheets or manage our time for example).