Monday, May 22, 2006

new headquarters

Did we finally cave in, take VC funding, and move to the Valley? Or just get evicted?

Actually, neither. Our lease was coming to an end and we found another place in Somerville. There are some important differences between our old and new apartment that should be noted:

  • Now, we each have our own bedroom.
  • Our new apartment is on Davis Square --really, it's smack in the middle of it-- which means we only have to stumble a few feet to find hearty and cheap portions of Kung Pao chicken and free large pizza Mondays (with the purchase of another large).
  • The old apartment had a scary basement, the new apartment has a scary basement AND roof access.
  • Somehow, despite the superiority of the new apartment, it is $100 a month cheaper than the old one and that includes heat. The place must be cursed.

Aaron is already enjoying the advantages of a new apartment, he gets a bedroom. Not that there was anything wrong with the old setup.

Apparently living in the kitchen --with such a close proximity to food-- isn't as great as it might seem.

The new room certainly has advantages, namely light (and natural to boot) and a desk. We're still working on furnishing the rest, but there's a bed in there, it's just out of frame, trust me...


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